So, we have a good story for you. 

And we will say up front that the story has a happy ending!

We are camping this week in Arizona. On Saturday, we took the dogs for a walk in the forest on our way back from the Overland Expo. We saw Tug, then Scout, eating something that looked like animal poop pellets. We called them off and had a nice walk. 

About two hours later, after we had gone in to a restaurant to eat,  I asked Tug to move out of my seat. He made a feeble effort to move, but couldn’t. I reached over to pick him up and he had a tremor. And another. By this time, I was worried and called out to Richard and Daniel. We found a vet that was still open (4pm on Saturday) about 1.5 miles away. We went there and they triaged him while we waited in the waiting room. About 15 minutes later, they brought him back out and said “this looks like marijuana intoxication.” We asked why he was so out of it and she said,  “he’s just high! He needs to ride it out. It might take up to 36 hours!”

Omg I’m sure we looked like hillbillies sitting there with our mouths agape. 

So we took him with us and kept him warm, quiet and in the dark as per the vet instructions. He didn’t move much (well, at all) until the next morning, when he did give us a feeble tail wag. He slept through our walk, but about 3pm he got up. He ate, drank and peed, then we knew he was on the mend. 

Oh, and Scout must have only eaten a little bit because the only thing she did was sway her head in time to music only she could hear. She did sleep really well that night btw. 

Tug has made a full recovery and is back to finding dead things in the forest, which is much safer than marijuana 🤣

Now that we know he’s ok, we’ve had a lot of fun at his expense, thus the comic about Papillon-Sheltie Tug selling “Pap-Grass” to fund his new habit 🍃