Did you ever buy paint because you liked the name of the color? Horizon Blue, Peacock Green….or pick a candidate because you liked their name? Or go somewhere because the name of the place sounded cool?

Bettie and I were on a kayak trip in Flaming Gorge, Utah. We saw a lake on the map–Brownie Lake. Wow, instantly visions of fudge brownies comes to mind and happy Girl Scouts running around the lake. So we set off….it was only about 50 miles away. Up a mountain, down a mountain and over about 5 miles of the worst washboard roads I’ve come across in a long time.

But we persevere and finally pull up to a sign which clearly states – BROWNE LAKE. Not Brownie Lake, but just plain Browne. We were sorely disappointed and then also realized we hadn’t stopped at the Country Quik Mart for anything to eat. And clearly there were no Brownies of any kind here.

We had semi-cold Lunchables and an orange for dinner. And store-bought oatmeal cookies.

We will double check the map next time! And stop for more food.